Welcome to HMG Physiotherapy Clinic of Waltham Abbey, Essex

The HMG Physiotherapy Clinic aims to provide rehabilitative treatment interventions through the provision of a wide range of innovative and current specialist musculoskeletal techniques.

 We pride ourselves in providing holistic care and rehabilitation as we know that pain, injury and dysfunction can have both a physical, social and psychological impact on everyday life and upon one’s independence.

 All our physiotherapists are exceptionally skilled with years of experience in rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.


The advice, exercise and education has taught me a great deal about my body and how to maintain a better state of physical health and wellbeing
Thomas Finch

The physiotherapy treatment I had at the clinic has helped me to get over years of back pain and has truly changed my life. I was sceptical a bit but the HMG team turned my fears away..I’m a happy woman now.

Mrs A. Wellings


HMG Physio Clinic Waltham Abbey in Essex  helps to restore movement and function and bring your body back in balance.


Strengthen your body and improve your general fitness and wellbeing with HMG Physio Clinic.

Sports Injuries

Pushing your body too hard can cause injuries and HMG Physio Clinic is here to help if this happens.

Massage Therapy

HMG Physio Clinic in Waltham Abbey helps to restore movement and function and bring your body back in balance.