Paying for treatment?

Payment for each treatment is required at the end of every session. You can pay for treatment in advance if you wish to save time or on behalf of someone else (ie. a child). We accept cash, cheques and all credit and debit cards.

Claiming through health insurance?

If you will be claiming treatment costs through health insurance, please contact your insurance provider prior to starting treatment to check if you need to get a claim form and coverage details for your policy, as each policy is different. Please note that we can bill companies directly, as long as you provide us with your policy number and in certain cases an authorisation or claim number.

In certain instances you may need to pay us directly and reclaim the cost through your insurance company. We will provide you with receipts so that you can claim back the relevant amount from your insurer. Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance provider and that you are responsible for ensuring that any treatment sessions you claim for are covered under your scheme. HMG Physiotherapy Clinic cannot be held responsible for any non-payment of claims.